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This vehicle is built using high-precision manufacturing methods, but the moving parts of the engine must still bed in relative to one another. The process occurs mainly in the first 2 000 miles (3 000 km) of operation.

During this Breaking-in period of 2 000 miles (3 000 km) you should:

  • Avoid frequent cold starts followed by short-distance driving.

  • Preferably take longer trips.

  • Do not use full throttle during starts and normal driving.

  • Avoid continuous operation at high engine speed and abrupt stops.

  • Do not participate in track days, sports driving schools, or similar.

In addition specifically up to 1 200 miles (2 000 km):

  • Drive at varying engine and road speeds, but do not exceed an engine speed of 4500 rpm (revolutions per minute) and a road speed of 105 mph (170 km/h).

From 1 200 miles (2 000 km) to 2 000 miles (3 000 km):

  • Engine and road speeds can be increased gradually.

  • Engine speeds in excess of 5 000 rpm should only be used briefly, e.g., when passing.

At all times, not just during the Breaking-in period:

  • Do not exceed 4 000 rpm until the engine has reached full operating temperature.

  • Avoid laboring the engine by operating the engine in too high a gear at low speeds.