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  1. Climate control Settings menu.

  2. Climate control system On/Off.

  3. Shortcut to the Climate menu:

    To access the Climate menu from the Touch screen Home menu, setup Climate as a shortcut. See TOUCH SCREEN HOME MENU.

  4. Distributes air to the windshield.

  5. Air distribution:

    Deployable center vents will open automatically when the face or face/foot modes are selected. The vents will close automatically when the maximum defrost, defrost/foot or foot only modes are selected.

    The deployable center vents can be set to always open via the Climate control Settings menu.


    More than one setting may be selected at a time, to achieve the desired distribution.


    The deployable center vents will always close when the Climate control system is switched off or when the ignition is switched off.

  6. Synchronize the driver and passenger climate zone settings.

  7. Temperature controls: For individual driver/passenger settings. Rotate to alter the temperature.

  8. Press to access the Heated seats. See HEATED SEATS.

  9. AUTO mode: For fully automatic operation.

    The Climate control system will adjust the blower speed, air intake, and airflow distribution to maintain the selected temperature.

    The deployable center vents may open or close dependent on the selected temperature.

    Windshield fogging will be reduced.

  10. Air conditioning (A/C): Press to turn the system on/off.

  11. Recirculation: Press for timed recirculation. Press and hold for latched (continuous) recirculation. To cancel recirculation, press the button again.


    Prolonged use at low temperatures may cause the windows to fog.

  12. Blower speed control: In manual mode, rotate to alter the speed. The speed selection is indicated in the integrated screen on the blower speed control.

    Press to switch the Climate control system off.

  13. Maximum defrost program.

  14. Synchronize the driver and passenger climate zone settings.


The indicator lamps will illuminate when a function is selected.


In low temperatures, it is advisable to close the center face-level vent and direct air flow from the outer face-level vents towards the side windows. This will help to keep the windows clear of ice.


The Climate control system removes moisture from the air and deposits the excess water beneath the vehicle. Puddles may form, but this is normal and no cause for concern.