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Brake fluid will damage painted surfaces. Soak up any spillage with an absorbent cloth immediately, and wash the area with a mixture of car shampoo and water.


Only use new fluid from an airtight container. Fluid from open containers or fluid previously bled from the system, will have absorbed moisture, which will adversely affect performance and must not be used.

  1. Clean the filler cap with a clean, dry cloth before removing, to prevent dirt or moisture from entering the reservoir.

  2. Remove the filler cap.

  3. Top up the reservoir with the specified brake fluid to at least the MIN mark, see Linked procedure not present at the moment.


    Do not top up the brake fluid to the MAX mark unless the brake pads have been replaced. If in doubt, seek qualified assistance.

  4. Replace the cap.

  5. Refit the hood access cover. See UNDER-HOOD COVERS REFITTING.