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The engine oil level is not monitored when the engine is running and/or the vehicle is in motion.


Check the engine oil weekly. If any significant or sudden drop in oil level is noted, seek qualified assistance.

A certain amount of oil consumption is normal. The rate of consumption will depend on the following:

  • The quality and viscosity of the oil.

  • Climatic conditions.

  • The speed at which the engine is being operated.

  • Road conditions.

Drivers should expect above normal consumption when the engine is new, and after breaking-in if high speeds are sustained.

Prior to checking the oil level, make sure that:

  • The vehicle is on level ground.

  • The engine oil has reached working temperature (oil is hot).

  • The engine has been switched off for 10 minutes, as the system will not give an accurate reading until the oil level has stabilized.

The oil level can then be checked as follows:

  1. Switch on the ignition (do not start the engine).

  2. Make sure that Park (P) is selected.

  3. Select the Vehicle Information using the Instrument panel menu control, see INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU.

    Select Oil level from the Vehicle Information menu. The current oil level status and topping up advice is displayed in the Instrument panel; top up as instructed.

An indication of the oil level is displayed in the gauge. Messages to the right of the gauge advise you of any action you may need to take.

If the oil level is within the required operating range, the message Engine Oil Level OK will be displayed. Do not add any additional oil to the engine.

If the oil level is below the required operating range, a message advising you of how much oil to add will be displayed (e.g., Add 0.5 Quart or Add 0.5 Liter). Add the recommended quantity of oil.

If the message Engine Oil Level Overfilled is displayed, seek qualified assistance immediately. Do not drive the vehicle as this will cause serious damage to the engine.

If the message Engine Oil Level Underfilled is displayed, add 2.6 pints (1.5 liters) of oil, then recheck the level.

If the message Engine Oil Level Not Available is displayed, the oil level is stabilizing. Switch off the ignition, wait for 10 minutes, then recheck the oil level display.

If the warning message ENGINE OIL LEVEL MONITOR SYSTEM FAULT is displayed, seek qualified assistance.