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This feature automatically selects and deselects high beam, under specific conditions of road lighting and in the absence of other vehicle’s lights. The system is only active when the ambient light drops below a predetermined level.

This function is only active if the lighting switch is in the AUTO position and the lighting control is in the central position.

The system will only activate when the vehicle's speed exceeds 25 mph (40 km/h). The system will deactivate when the vehicle's speed drops below 15 mph (24 km/h).


High beam assist does not operate when Reverse (R) gear is selected.

To manually select high beam, move the lighting control to the high beam position as normal. To return to High beam assist, move the lighting control back to the central position.

To manually override to low beam from High beam assist, pull the lighting control to the flash position and High beam assist will be canceled. To return to High beam assist, push the lighting control to the high beam position and then return it to the central position.

When High beam assist is enabled, the system indicator will illuminate.


Make sure the sensor in the rear-view mirror is not blocked or obstructed. The following may also affect the operation of High beam assist:

  • Highly reflective road signs.

  • Vehicles with dim headlamps.

  • Adverse weather conditions.

  • A dirty sensor.

  • A dirty, damaged, or fogged windshield.

To turn off High beam assist, turn the rotary control from AUTO to headlamps on.

The High beam assist feature can be disabled/enabled via the Vehicle Settings menu. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU.