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  1. With the headlamps on, push the switch away from the steering wheel to switch to high beam. The blue warning lamp in the Instrument panel will illuminate.


    Do not use high beam where it may distract other road users.

  2. Pull the switch towards the steering wheel and release to flash the high beam on and off. The high beam will remain on for as long as the switch is held.

  3. Side lamps.

  4. Low beam.

  5. AUTO: When ambient light fades, the side lamps and headlamps will switch on automatically.

  6. Exit delay of 30 seconds.

  7. Exit delay of 60 seconds.

  8. Exit delay of 120 seconds.


If the rotary control is in the AUTO position, there will be no exit delay and the headlamps will extinguish when the ignition system is turned off.

Press the headlamp button on the Smart key to switch off the headlamps during an exit delay period.

If the rotary control is moved to the OFF position, with high beam still activated, both low and high beam will be extinguished. Both low and high beam will illuminate when the headlamps are turned on again.

The rear fog lamp switch is located on the driver's side lower facia. See DRIVER CONTROLS.

Press to switch the rear fog lamps on/off. They will only operate while the side lamps, headlamps, or Auto lamps are selected. The warning lamp will illuminate. See REAR FOG LIGHTS (AMBER).