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The gear selector status is displayed in the Message center. See INSTRUMENT PANEL. The appropriate LED indicator lamp, on top of the gear selector, will illuminate to confirm selection.


When the gear selector is released, after normal operation, it will return to the central position, except when in the Sport (S) position.


Park (P) should only be engaged when the vehicle is stationary. If any other gear position is selected while the vehicle is stationary, the vehicle can move unexpectedly, which may result in death or serious injury. Always make sure the Electric Parking Brake (EPB) is applied after engaging P.


Never select P while the vehicle is in motion. Doing so can result in serious transmission damage.


P cannot be selected by manually moving the gear selector.

  1. Press to select Park (P). The P LED indicator lamp will illuminate to confirm selection.


    P can be selected from any gear selector position.

    Select P before switching off the engine.


    If the engine is switched off with Neutral (N) selected, the system will wait for 10 minutes before selecting P. This procedure is to allow the vehicle to be conveyed around a workshop only and should not be used for vehicle recovery purposes. See TRANSPORTING THE VEHICLE.

  2. When the vehicle is stationary, press the brake pedal prior to selecting Drive (D), Neutral (N), or Reverse (R).

  3. With the brake pedal still applied, press the release button to allow the gear selector to be moved:

    A rearward movement to select D.

    A short forward movement to select N.

    A longer forward movement to select R.


    Never select R while the vehicle is in forward motion. Doing so can result in serious transmission damage.


    Never select a forward gear while the vehicle is moving backwards. Doing so can result in serious transmission damage.


    The release button is required for all gear selections, except when selecting N from D or R and when selecting S from D or D from S.

  4. While in D, move the gear selector one side movement to select Sport (S).


    Reverse this action to return to D.

  5. While in S, manual selection of the gears can be made by pulling the gear selector back for upshifts and pushing forward for downshifts.

    The manual gear selection status is displayed in the Message center. See INSTRUMENT PANEL.

    The relevant gear selector LED indicator will indicate the status of the manual gear selection:

    Continuous illumination confirms that the driver's gear change request has been recognized and selected.

    On/off flashing confirms that the driver's gear change request has been recognized but not selected.

  6. Gear shift paddles allow manual gear selection while in D or S. Operate the left paddle for downshifts and the right paddle for upshifts.

    Pull the paddle briefly to change gear.

    To exit manual mode, pull and hold the right paddle for approximately one second to return directly to previous automatic operation in D or S.


    The gear shift paddles can be switched on and off, and configured to operate in 'S only' or 'D and S' via the Vehicle Settings menu. See INSTRUMENT PANEL MENU.


Do not allow the vehicle to remain stationary with a drive gear selected and the engine running. If the engine is to idle for a prolonged period, select N and apply the Parking brake.

When D is selected, manual mode may be temporarily accessed by operating the steering wheel mounted shift paddles.

While in D, temporary manual mode will be held while the driver is accelerating, decelerating, cornering, or continuing to request shifts via the paddles.

If continued use of temporary manual mode (via the shift paddles) is required, select S. Temporary manual mode will be automatically deactivated if the engine is over-revved or labored, to prevent transmission and/or engine damage.


When the transmission is set to permanent manual mode, (i.e., using the paddles to change gear while in the S position and Dynamic mode is selected, see DYNAMIC) transmission upshifts are fully controlled by the driver. This means that the transmission will not change up a gear automatically, even when the vehicle's rev limit is reached. The gear position indicator in the Message center will glow amber, to indicate that the next gear should be selected.