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Do not adjust the main audio unit’s controls, or allow the system to distract the driver, while the vehicle is moving. Driver distraction can lead to accidents, causing serious injury or death.


Sustained exposure to high sound levels can damage your hearing.


Some types of body-mounted accessories (for example, external Luggage compartment stowage devices) may affect the performance of this system.

  1. On/off and volume control:

    Press to switch the system on/off.

    Rotate to adjust the volume level.


    The Audio system operates with the ignition on or off but will switch off with the ignition and needs to be switched on again. If the engine is switched off, the Audio system will close down after 10 minutes to preserve the battery.

  2. Touch screen.

  3. Shortcut to the Audio/Video menu.

  4. Steering wheel controls, MODE:

    Short press to scroll through all of the audio/video sources.

    Long press to scroll through audio/video source sub-selections, e.g., In My music: iPod, Bluetooth, stored CD, and CD, etc.

  5. Press to increase the volume.

  6. Press to decrease the volume.

  7. Seek up:

    Short press to select the next radio preset or the next track on the chosen audio source.

    Long press to seek to the next radio station.

  8. Seek down:

    Short press to skip/move to the previous radio preset or the previous track on the chosen audio source.

    Long press to activate manual-seek; scan backwards through a track.