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Touch to access the SETTINGS pop-up menu and then select Climate Settings.

  1. Automatic heated screens: Automatic operation of the heated windshield and/or the rear heated screen can be enabled or disabled.

  2. Air purity: The air quality sensor, for automatic recirculation, can be adjusted. See AIR QUALITY SENSOR.

  3. Auto Air Flow: The blower speed for automatic operation can be set to Soft and Quiet, Balanced, or Powerful and Fast.

  4. Auto vents: Set deployable vents to Auto to maximize climate comfort. For vents to remain open, when climate control and ignition are switched on, set to Always open.

    Rotating vents open automatically when the FRONT CLIMATE system is switched on.

    Rotating vents can be set to always open via the Climate Settings menu.


The deployable vents always close when the climate control system is switched off or when the ignition is switched off.