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Mobile data requires the installation of a data-enabled micro SIM card. See FITTING A SIM CARD.

  1. Select ON to enable mobile data.

  2. Select Agree to agree to the terms and conditions.


    Mobile data connectivity is indicated by an icon at the top of the screen. See CONNECTIVITY STATUS ICONS.

  3. Select Mobile Settings to access the following options:

Network provider: The network provider of the inserted SIM is displayed. To change the APN settings, select the network provider's name to open the NETWORK PROVIDER screen. Set Auto Select to OFF. Add the Network, Username, and Password. Select Connect.

Roaming: Data roaming is set to OFF as default. Select ON to enable roaming.

Usage Limit: The usage limit is set to OFF as default. Select ON to enable usage limit.

Usage: The usage counter displays the total data usage for the month. The usage counter resets on the 1st day of the month, as default. When the usage limit is set to ON, the usage limit also displays.

Select Usage to change the usage limit and the monthly reset date. Use the reset counter to reset the current usage to zero.

SIM PIN: A PIN can be set or changed for the inserted SIM card.

Remember SIM PIN:

  1. Select ON to remember.

  2. Select OFF to forget the PIN.


From the CONNECTIVITY menu screen, select About to display the vehicle's MAC address and IMEI number.

To reset all connectivity settings to default, select Reset and then select Yes.