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The low friction launch feature helps to further enhance low speed maneuvering and pulling away from a standstill in adverse conditions.

Operation of the low friction launch feature is further enhanced if the rain ice snow or the Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR) driving mode is enabled. See RAIN ICE SNOW MODE or ADAPTIVE SURFACE RESPONSE (AdSR).


Some vehicles are supplied with the AdSR driving mode instead of the rain ice snow driving mode.

The low friction launch feature also operates if the normal driving mode is selected. See NORMAL.

To enable the low friction launch feature, select the touchscreen's (All Surface Information) ASI Suite extra feature. Touch the Low Friction Launch soft key. Follow the on-screen instructions to meet the required vehicle conditions. Touch the Activatesoft key. See EXTRA FEATURES.

Alternatively, the touchscreen displays a pop-up menu, if the following conditions are met and the rain ice snow or the AdSR driving mode is selected:

  • The vehicle is stationary.

  • The accelerator pedal is completely released.

  • If the All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) system is enabled, it has not entered full function mode. See USING ALL SURFACE PROGRESS CONTROL (ASPC).

In this event, select the required Yes or No soft key from the pop-up menu to enable or disable the low friction launch feature. Alternatively, touch the Do not show again soft key to disable the pop-up menu. The pop-up menu is also enabled and disabled via the low friction launch feature settings. See SYSTEM SETTINGS.

The low friction launch feature only operates at vehicle speeds below 19 mph (30 km/h). If this maximum speed is exceeded, low friction launch is automatically disabled.

The low friction launch feature also automatically disables if:

  • The ASPC system enters full function mode, if ASPC is currently enabled.

  • The ECO driving mode or the dynamic driving mode is selected.

  • The accelerator pedal is quickly pressed down to a high level driving demand position.

  • A low friction launch system fault is detected. In this event, the instrument panel and the touchscreen displays a message.