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To prevent CD mechanism damage, do not insert any object other than a CD/DVD into the disc slot. Objects, such as coins, tickets and cards, cause mechanism errors and permanent damage to the device.


Do not force the disc into the slot.


Do not use irregular shaped CDs or DVDs, and those with a scratch protection film or self-adhesive label attached.


Do not use mini-sized CDs, even with an adaptor.


Dual-format and dual-sided discs (DVD Plus, CD-DVD format) are thicker than normal CDs and so playback cannot be guaranteed and jamming may occur.


Recordable (CD-R) discs and re-writable (CD-RW) discs may not function correctly.

Recordable (DVD-R or DVD+R) discs may not function correctly.

Only use an approved CD cleaning kit.

Only use high quality 4.7 inches (12 cm) circular discs.

The player accommodates one CD or DVD disc at a time.

When a CD is loaded, the ripping media option is available. Select the CD ripping icon to store to the vehicle internal memory. Notification is displayed when ripping of the CD is complete.