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The Wi-Fi Hotspot feature provides in-vehicle access to 4G internet, enabling up to eight wireless devices to be used simultaneously in the vehicle.

Before enabling Wi-Fi Hotspot, please make sure that a data-enabled micro SIM card has been fitted. See FITTING A SIM CARD.

To enable Wi-Fi Hotspot, select the settings icon to access the SETTINGS pop-up menu. Select All Settings, followed by Features. Select Connectivity.

The CONNECTIVITY pop-up menu displays Hotspot, Wi-Fi, and Mobile Data.

Select Hotspot ON to create a vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Select Hotspot settings to display the vehicle's Wi-Fi hotspot name and password. The Wi-Fi hotspot name is computer generated by the vehicle and cannot be changed to a password of choice.


To change the password, touch the refresh icon. A new password is generated.

To connect a device to the vehicle's Wi-Fi Hotspot, switch the device's Wi-Fi to ON. Select the vehicle's Wi-Fi hotspot name on the device. Insert the password.