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Contact a retailer/authorized repairer immediately if any of the seat belts fail to meet the following criteria. A damaged or incorrectly operating seat belt presents an increased risk of serious injury or death in the event of an accident.


If the vehicle is parked on an incline, the seat belt mechanism may lock. The locking mechanism is a safety feature. The belt should be gently eased out from the upper anchorage.

Regularly inspect the seat belts to check for fraying, cuts, or wear to the webbing. Also check the condition and security of the mechanism, buckles, adjusters, and mounting points.

To inspect the condition of the seat belts:

  1. With the seat belt fastened, give the webbing near the buckle a quick upward pull. The buckle must remain securely locked.

  2. With the seat belt unfastened, unreel the seat belt to the limit of its travel. Check that it unreels smoothly with no snatches or snags. Allow the belt to fully retract, again checking for smooth operation.

  3. Partially unreel the seat belt. Hold the tongue plate and give a quick forward pull. The mechanism must lock and prevent any further unreeling.