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Make sure the following warnings have been read and fully understood before using snow chains. Failure to use the snow chains safely could result in an accident, leading to serious injury or death.


Only use traction devices in heavy snow conditions, on compacted snow.


Never exceed 30 mph (50 km/h) when traction devices are fitted.


Never fit traction devices to a temporary-use spare wheel.


When using snow chains, select rain ice snow driving mode. See RAIN ICE SNOW MODE.

Traction devices approved by the vehicle manufacturer may be used to improve traction in heavy snow conditions, on compacted snow.

No traction device should be used in off-road conditions where there is no compacted snow.

If it becomes necessary to fit traction devices, the following points must be observed:

  • Only vehicle manufacturer approved traction devices should be used on the vehicle. Only vehicle manufacturer approved traction devices have been tested to make sure that they do not cause damage to the vehicle. Contact a retailer/authorized repairer for information.

  • The wheels and tires fitted to the vehicle, must conform to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer's original equipment. This helps to enhance the performance of the traction devices. See TIRE MARKINGS.

  • Do not fit a traction device to a temporary-use spare wheel.

  • Fit traction devices in pairs, on the same axle.

  • Always read, understand, and follow the traction device manufacturer's instructions. Pay particular attention to the maximum speed and fitting instructions.

  • Avoid tire or vehicle damage, by removing the traction devices as soon as the conditions allow.

  • Full chain traction devices can be fitted only to 225/55 R17 tires.