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Before closing a window, the sunroof, or the roof blind, make sure that no occupants have any body part in a position where it could be trapped. Even with an anti-trap system, death or serious injury could occur.


The anti-trap mechanism does not operate when closing the sunroof from the tilted position. The sunroof can cause serious injury should a body part become trapped. Always make sure that the sunroof is free from obstructions before closing.

To prevent serious personal injury or damage to the vehicle, the sunroof and roof blind have an anti-trap mechanism. If the sunroof or the roof blind encounters a resistance when closing, it stops. Dependent on the sunroof's or the roof blind's current position, the sunroof or the roof blind partially or fully opens to allow the removal of any obstruction. Lightly press and hold the front of the switch to the first position, within 10 seconds of the partial or full opening, to override the anti-trap mechanism.

If the sunroof or the roof blind fails to operate correctly, it may need to be reset. See SUNROOF RESET.