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The Sportbrake's luggage compartment cover lifts and closes with movement of the tailgate. The whole assembly can be fitted or removed, as required.


Never place objects on top of the luggage compartment cover. During an accident or sudden maneuver, loose objects can cause serious injury or death.

Fitting the luggage compartment cover:

  1. Open the tailgate. Fold the rear seats forward. Engage the left end of the assembly into the moulded recess in the left side of the luggage compartment.

  2. Lower the right end of the assembly into the right-side recess. Turn the lever and push the assembly down into position. Release the lever. Make sure that the assembly has clicked into position and that the lever has returned to its original position. To remove the assembly, the locking lever must first be turned.

  3. Pull the spring-loaded cover out of the assembly housing. Locate the left-side and right-side pegs into the lower end of the side runners, just inside the tailgate opening. Slide the pegs up until the spring mechanism pulls the cover into position.

  4. The luggage compartment cover automatically moves to the opened or closed position as the tailgate is operated.

When the tailgate is opened, the cover can be partially retracted up the side runners or fully retracted into the assembly housing.


To facilitate fitting and removal of the cover, it is recommended to fold the rear seatbacks forward.


Removal of the cover is the reverse of the fitting procedure.


Do not store the luggage compartment cover loose in the vehicle. During an accident or sudden maneuver, the cover could cause serious injury or death.